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kitozoom1What makes a good video microscope?

What criteria should we use to look for one? There are the points listed here that it must meet: Excellent pictures - simple to operate – depth of focus - large zoom area - good lighting - efficient measurement software – XY measurement table suitable for the task of measuring – and: Really good value for money!

The four models in the KITOZOOM series

offer just these qualities. To minimise the difficulty of choosing we first inform you of the technical characteristics and operation of the optical system. On the following pages the four standard models plus the possible options are described. The demands on the optical system, lighting, stand and XY measurement table are a result of the test - or measuring job. We must take care here to use a magnification which is geared to the required measuring accuracy.

If the following information is insufficient for you to choose the system or the correct components, please call us. We will be glad to help you put the correct model together.












kitozoom6KITOZOOM: Optical system and USB camera:

A zoom system consists of the following components: zoom unit with optical magnification 6.5x, adapter, accessory lens and C-mount adapter. This is in addition to the right USB camera. To be able to work accurately with the KITEC measurement software we need to be a position to be able to , adjust the individual zoom levels in a reproducible way. For this reason the zoom unit has six spherical recesses which a spring-loaded ball can engage when rotated. The levels, marked by numbers, are created as “lenses” in the KITEC software and calibrated and saved using a reticle plate with certificate.

One of the great advantages of the zoom system is that within the zoom range the working distance (end of lens to test subject) does not need to be changed. The distance is adjusted at the highest magnification level and then remains in force for the entire zoom range. The KITOZOOM’s scope of delivery includes an accessory 0.5x accessory lens. This way we get two zoom ranges, which will be entirely sufficient in 95% of all cases. Two accessory 1.5x and 2.0x lenses are available for higher magnifications.

The USB 2.0 camera used (two megapixels) with a 1/3“ CMOS chip used offers a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. As an option USB cameras can be supplied with a higher resolution and with CCD chips. However we do not often recommend this since hardly anybody uses the corresponding PC hardware to display pictures of 2048 x 1600 pixels or more on the PC monitor. Also the image transfer rate is lower. Lens coverages, magnifications and working distances are as follows:


With 0.5x accessory lens:
Lens coverage: 27 mm – 4 mm
Working distance: 170 mm
Magnifi cation factor: 15 times to 105 times (on 24” monitor)


Without accessory lens:
Lens coverage: 13 mm – 2 mm
Working distance: 85 mm
Magnifi cation factor: 30 times to 215 times (on 24” monitor)

Special solutions?

Questions are welcome! The MTM series is also available with 200 x 200 mm and 600 x 600 mm measuring areas. From 200 x 100 mm, these measuring tables are available with motorisation and control. Should you fi nd yourself unable to accomplish your measuring job with the components referred to here, ask us about a special-purpose solution. A multitude of special stands, XY measurement tables, manual or motorised zoom systems with coaxial light reflection and motorised adjustment gives a huge number of approaches to solving the problem. Also available are gauges for Z-measurements or motorised Z-axes with measuring systems. Talk to us.



Video microscopes with motorised XY-measuring tables, size 100x100mm to 600x600mm.


Video microscopes with manual or motorised zoom and motorised Z-axes.


Special tripods or portal solutions made of aluminium and granite according to customer requirements.

CT-6000-Invers HG

Tool measuring systems for drills, mills and taps in various designs.



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