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The KITO 30 model is a configuration with a 50 x 50 mm XY measurement table, with two digital measuring spindles (Mitutoyo Digimatic) and two data cables and an interface (Bobe S-BOX 25 MUX / USB) for transmission of X and Y coordinates to the KITEC MAX measurement software.

Why do we need an interface? Imagine you have to measure a test subject with a tolerance of +/- 5 μm, but the diameter of the test subject is 30 mm. If we now use a low magnification in order to completely reproduce the part to be measured, we get however a pixel resolution at 30 mm of approximately 17 μm. In so doing the specified measuring accuracy can no longer be adhered to. Therefore we use a suitably high magnification with a low pixel resolution and using the XY measurement table process can transmit the coordinates to the software and there measure with appropriate accuracy. Of course we can supply the system without interface and data cable if these are not needed.

Delivery is also possible with the KITEC ECO or PRO version. The cross table can also be supplied for 12 mm diameter instead of 18 mm holding fixtures. Please note that this configuration has a precision of +/- 5 μm via the 50 x 50 mm. Alternatively an XY measurement table with SCD system can be used which offers a precision of +/- 2 μm. Weight: 12 kg Dimensions: 580 x 400 x 550 – 670 mm.


Scope of delivery and price for the KITO 30 below:


 KITOZOOM video microscope series

  • Order no. KITO 30 - MAX
  • KITOZOOM - grid zoom at six levels
  • LED ring light and bottom light with power pack, dimmable
  • includes 0.5x accessory lens
  • base plate with 50 x 50 mm cross table,
  • includes two Mituyo Digimatic dial gauges, data cable and interface
  • two zoom ranges - twelve zoom levels
  • USB 2.0 camera 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • calibration disk 0.1 graduation and test report
  • KITEC MAX measurement software









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Special solutions?

Questions are welcome! The MTM series is also available with 200 x 200 mm and 600 x 600 mm measuring areas. From 200 x 100 mm, these measuring tables are available with motorisation and control. Should you fi nd yourself unable to accomplish your measuring job with the components referred to here, ask us about a special-purpose solution. A multitude of special stands, XY measurement tables, manual or motorised zoom systems with coaxial light reflection and motorised adjustment gives a huge number of approaches to solving the problem. Also available are gauges for Z-measurements or motorised Z-axes with measuring systems. Talk to us.



Video microscopes with motorised XY-measuring tables, size 100x100mm to 600x600mm.


Video microscopes with manual or motorised zoom and motorised Z-axes.


Special tripods or portal solutions made of aluminium and granite according to customer requirements.

CT-6000-Invers HG

Tool measuring systems for drills, mills and taps in various designs.



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