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Measurement software shouldn’t result in the user losing time. KITEC measurement software is an alternative to other available programs, which are often too complicated to use.


The advantage of KITEC being able to measure in the live image saves an enormous amount of time, since the pictures do not need to be first saved and subsequently retrieved again. Through the use of our USB 2.0 camera, the software can be installed on as many computers as desired. KITEC is enabled wherever the camera is connected. This saves the inconvenience of USB dongles.

KITEC can be switched between twenty-five languages, a feature that has led to its use all over the world. This is not only of interest to international clients. In large companies with staff from many different nations, software training is made much easier.

Updates for KITEC measurement software are generally free of charge. With the corresponding serial number, the user is immediately taken to the correct version in our download area. This saves time-consuming update contracts and ensures that users can always keep their systems up to date.

It is always possible to upgrade from KITEC ECO to KITEC PRO or MAX at the original interim price. Your old version will not lose its value. Of course, we cannot forget telephone support: Our number is contained in the KITEC header bar.


Kitec Software-2

Versions: KITEC measurement software is available in three versions. KITEC ECO includes basic measuring functions such as distance-, radius- and circular measurements, angle measurements and several other basic measuring functions (see function list). For users who like to assign functions to hot keys, there is the ability to create 30 hot keys in KITEC ECO.



KITEC PRO contains basically all measurement functions that are available : Special circular measurements, measuring functions for PCBs, thickness measurements, thread-cutting-, milling- and drilling measurement functions, DFX overlay, focus calculation and many other special functions. It would take too long to list all of the capabilities here; therefore they are detailed in the function overview on the website. There you can also download and test the demo versions of the KITEC measurement software.


KITEC MAX has two additional function levels: The buttons located in the left column activate the measurements point, line, circle and circle segment. The three buttons below are intended for the distance, angle and best-fit line. With the four upper measuring functions, all relevant objects or measuring points are marked. After that the measurements can be linked up as required in the calculator window (button with the PC).

The second function level includes the readout of X, Y and Z values. KITEC MAX can as a rule be combined with nearly any measurement system. Regardless of whether the measuring tables are from Märzhäuser, Uhl, Prior, Steinmeyer or Micos, the XY-axes are read and calculated in KITEC MAX. If no direct USB or RS-232 connection is possible, it may be necessary to transfer data via a suitable interface. Data from measuring spindles such as Mitutoyo, Sylvac, Heidenhain or integrated measuring systems, for instance from Schneeberger, on or in guidance systems is also processed. The X, Y and Z values are permanently displayed in an additional window in KITEC. On our website is a list of the measurement systems which can currently be read. If you have a system which is not included in the list, please do not hesitate to ask us.

• IK-220, Fa. Heidenhain
• IM BUS, alle gängigen Signale, Fa. IBR
• Sylvac über RS-232 oder USB
• Digimatic DMX-1, über RS-232 oder USB Fa. Mitutoyo
• Digimatic DMX-2, über RS-232 oder USB Fa. Mitutoyo
• Digimatic DMX-3, über RS-232 oder USB Fa. Mitutoyo
• S-Box 25 MUX/USB Fa.Bobe/ Mitutoyo
• B-Box 3, über RS-232 oder USB Fa.Bobe/ Mitutoyo
• AK-1 und IK-2, Fa. Winecke & Sinske
• QC-100, QC-200, QC-300, QC-5000, Metronic, Fa. Heidenhain
• SCD 2-Kanal, 3-Kanal, Fa. Märzhäuser
• I-Counter, Fa. Hitec
• USB-302, Fa. Carmar
• SC-212, Fa. Nikon
• KA-Counter, Fa. Mitutoyo
• DC-HI-NET, Steinwald Datentechnik
• DEVA0001, Deva Electronics Controls
• Multiplexer, Brecht Elektronik

The scope of features in KITEC PRO and KITEC MAX is virtually unbeatable in relation to price. And if a measurement function is not in KITEC which you absolutely require for your company: we would be happy to program a special measuring function for you.



Special solutions?

Questions are welcome! The MTM series is also available with 200 x 200 mm and 600 x 600 mm measuring areas. From 200 x 100 mm, these measuring tables are available with motorisation and control. Should you fi nd yourself unable to accomplish your measuring job with the components referred to here, ask us about a special-purpose solution. A multitude of special stands, XY measurement tables, manual or motorised zoom systems with coaxial light reflection and motorised adjustment gives a huge number of approaches to solving the problem. Also available are gauges for Z-measurements or motorised Z-axes with measuring systems. Talk to us.



Video microscopes with motorised XY-measuring tables, size 100x100mm to 600x600mm.


Video microscopes with manual or motorised zoom and motorised Z-axes.


Special tripods or portal solutions made of aluminium and granite according to customer requirements.

CT-6000-Invers HG

Tool measuring systems for drills, mills and taps in various designs.



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